What are the essential items that I must carry on my vacation? My blog today, will answer this question, that comes in our minds, everytime we start packing for a vacation abroad.

1. Passport, Visa, flight tickets.

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2. Wallet or purse with enough foreign currency. For exchange of currency, there are a lot of agencies whom you can contact. Reserve some fund for any untoward situation, vis- a-vis, keep an alternative source for funding from your home country.

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3. Carry your hotel contact details, booking details, etc.


4. Check out if any medical ceritficate or vaccination is required either at the time of exiting the airport or entering the foreign country. For example, in African countries you need to take the vaccination for yellow fever.

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5. Gather information about the route map, local languages and places to visit.

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6. Check out the Customs Guidelines for bringing materials from the abroad country.


7. Chargers for your phones, headphones and laptops and power banks. Also, activate international roaming in your phone with your sevice provider.

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8. Disposable water bottles for drinking water on your way.

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9. Sanitizer paper soap and tissues.

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10. Camera, travel diary (if you keep one) and a pen.

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11. Insect repellent.


12. A pair of extra shoes and also flip flops for the hotel bathroom as well as for the beach (if you are going to one).

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13. Consult your doctor for necessary medicines or alternative medicines (if not available).

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14. Some dry foods like sandwiches, cakes and chips to eat on your way.

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These 14 essential items will make your vacation much more better. So what are you waiting for? Start packing your bags right now and don’t forget to put these items in!

Hope you all liked reading this blog about TRAVEL ESSENTIALS. 

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I’ll be posting more about such tips. Till then, take care!


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