Bullying is quite common around us. People are often bullied in schools, colleges and offices. Read this blog to find out more about bullying and how to prevent it.

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What is bullying?

The use of force, dominative behavior, possessiveness, hurting, teasing and abusing is considered as bullying.

Why do people bully?

People usually start bullying others because they are insecure of their own position in a particular place. They like to get some attention, respect and be at the centre of attraction at all times and when they don’t get so, they start showcasing such aggressive behavior towards others.

“Bullies are made, not born, by factors in their lives”

Types of bullying:

•Emotional or Relational (psychological) bullying

•Verbal bullying

•Physical bullying

•Cyber bullying

Effects of bullying:

Bullying can cause depression, anxiety, loneliness and can often lead to suicide.

How to prevent bullying?

1. Ignore your bully and walk away whenever you see him/her.

2. If your bully harasses you, shout out loud.

3. Tell your parents, teachers and others you trust, about this problem.

4. Whenever you see someone being bullied, reach out and help that person.

5. Understand why people bully and reach out to the bully to help him/her.

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Hope you know more about bullying now. If you see this happening anywhere around you, never hesitate to speak up.


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  1. Bullying is quite a serious problem but complaining about bullies to elders just makes them angrier at you and has no effect on them you know, so sometimes you have to get out of that yourself
    awesome post!

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