Are you an introvert? Or, do you know anyone who is an introvert? Read this blog to find out more about intraversion.

What is an introvert?

Introverts are people who love to be on their own- they are quiet and reserved most of the time. They like to spend most of the time on their own. Being with a large group of people for a very long time can leave them utterly exhausted and they need to “recharge” themselves by spending some time on their own.

How are introverts different from extroverts?

Unlike introverts, extoverts (often spelled as ‘extravert’) love to be with a large company… they feel much more energetic when they are together with a group of people. Extroverts “recharge” themselves by social interactions, whereas, doing so can leave introverts completely drained out.

Types of introverts:

• Social introverts

• Thinking introverts

• Anxious introverts

• Restrained introverts

Signs that you are an introvert:

1. Being with lot of people makes you tired and you just want some ‘alone- time’ when you can listen to light music, read a book, write a journal or simply lie down.

2. You try to avoid group work as much as possible. It makes you feel overwhelmed. You love doing individual projects so that you can be more focused on your work.

3. You don’t have a large friend circle but you are very close to the few friends you have. You have a long lasting relationship with them which is marked by your closeness.

4. People often describe you as ‘shy’, ‘quiet’ or sometimes even ‘proud’ and might find it difficult to get to know you better.

5. You prefer to write things down rather than to speak on spot, especially when you are unprepared. Speaking in front of large gatherings might be embarrassing for you, even when others expect you to express your opinion in front of them.

Don’t worry, intraversion is nothing unusual because every person is different.


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