Hello world! Today’s post is going to be scary, funny and will definitely give a panic attack to those who are scared of cockroaches, including me!

So, are you scared of cockroaches? Do you feel you have katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches)? Let’s test this! Following are some, not so pleasant, pictures of cockroaches. If these images make your skin crawl and make you want to puke, you definitely have katsaridaphobia. If not, congratulations! You’re in the clear. Let’s get started! All the best…

1. You definitely wouldn’t want to see something like this when you wake up in the morning, would you?

P.C. Google

2. Or maybe on your toothbrush??

P.C. Google

3. Breakfast like this wouldn’t be so bad, isn’t it?

P.C. Google

4. Let’s hope the glue holds and they don’t come out all together…

P.C. Google

5. You definitely need to call someone to throw this.

P.C. Google

6. Be careful in a dark room. You might slip on them and…

P.C. Google

7. What if they come to life again??

P.C. Google

8. Would you seriously severe ties with such a friend?

P.C. Tenor

9. Cute right?

P.C. Tenor

10. Don’t have katsaridaphobia? Let’s celebrate!

P.C. Google

Did you find this post funny or scary? Do let me know in the comments section. I’ll be posting more such blogs. Till then, take care!


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I'm Sumedha Bose of Class IX. I stay in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I am not a writer or anything as such, but yeah, I would love to share everything I know, with the world🌍😃

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