Do you know where the ‘funny bone’ is?

This picture first appeared in the book Do You Know

P.C Do You Know

Your funny bone isn’t a bone actually… it is a nerve, called the ulnar nerve. This nerve runs from the neck to the hand. According to a theory, the nerve is based on the upper arm bone, located between the elbow and the shoulder, which is called ‘humerus’ ( pronounced ‘humorous’, meaning ‘funny’!)

When you hit your funny bone, the ulnar nerve gets compressed and it causes a sort of funny, tingling sensation. It may be painful for some. It feels funny to me and I call it a ‘440 volt’!

Hence, it’s the ulnar nerve which makes you get that wierd sensation and, normally it doesn’t last for too long.

P.C. Google

Did you like this fact? Do you know any such fact? Write it in the comments section. I’ll be posting more such facts on every Friday. Till then, take care!


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