New Podcast For BlogPrincess

Hello friends! Recently I received a feedback from one of my viewers and it occured to me that many of you out there might want to listen to my blogs instead of reading them. So, as you must have guessed, I’m talking about a podcast for my site, BlogPrincess.

Okay so, I have been trying to do this thing for quite a while now. In fact, I have been following a trial- and- error method😉

Now that I have figured it out, I hope it’ll be helpful for all of you. I’m gonna paste my podcast link over here.

One thing that has been bugging me about Anchor and WordPress is that until and unless I publish a blog, I won’t be able to create a podcast out of it. So… That little thing is gonna make some trouble for me😞

Anyways, for now I’m posting the link to my podcast only. When you click on it, it’ll be empty because I haven’t made any episodes as yet. But as and when I make more episodes for my blogs, I’ll paste the links in the respective posts…

Just one episode has been uploaded as of now but later on I’ll be converting my news blogs into podcasts as well.

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I'm Sumedha Bose of Class IX. I stay in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I am not a writer or anything as such, but yeah, I would love to share everything I know, with the world🌍😃

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