Hi everybody! Our swab test reports for COVID-19 came today and, me, my mother and father, have tested positive…! I had written in this blog (link here👉https://wp.me/pcWhYp-2C) about how the three of us had been feeling since 3 days. Now,I am doing well. My father is also okay but my mother is saying that she keeps feeling tired. She is the only one who’s asymptomatic, me and my father have had symptoms.

We are taking all the necessary medicines and taking steam vapours to clear the congestion.

Its a wierd feeling to have a loss of smell and taste but unfortunately me and my mother are not getting either.

The 3 of us are checking our oxygen level continuously. We shall take care of ourselves and try not to worry much.


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On Wednesday evening, I had a high temperature and severe headache. My father was constantly coughing too. My mother had also caught a cold since the past 3 days. She gave me a medicine and I felt a bit better. Still, my forehead was quite hot. At night, we realised that even my father had fever. Its summer in India and quite hot, but he covered himself up and switched off the fan.

Next morning, i.e, Thursday, I had my online classes. I took a medicine and sat in front of the laptop, though my head was jammed and I felt unwell. My father still had a very high fever and he took rest. My mother was ‘okay’ but, she wasn’t getting any smell and had 2-3 other symptoms of COVID- 19.

In the evening, suddenly I was informed that a person was coming to conduct the COVID- 19 swab test for the 3 of us .

Today (Friday), the 3 of us were better but not completely well. I have a running nose but no fever.

The test reports are supposed to come after 3 days. However, we are taking all the medicines one is supposed to take during home isolation.

Till then, let’s hope for the best…🤞🤞


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As we know, Covid- 19 cases are surging all over the world, again. The rise in the number of active cases and deaths in most parts of the world is a matter of great concern.

All this is happening because of the careless attitude towards the virus, which is being shown by people. Some people think that Covid- 19 is just a rumour- all over the world, people are just pretending to be infected or dying.

Large gatherings at public places without wearing a mask is a common sight nowadays. People either keep the masks on their chin or inside their pockets. They hardly wash their hands and change clothes after coming from outside and that makes it very risky for the rest of the family members as well.

In my opinion, people should take this pandemic very seriously and follow all the protocols. If we continue taking all the precautions, we will be safe and Covid- 19 cases will come down.



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