Hey everyone, today I’m going to talk about motion sickness (also referred to as sea sickness or car sickness) which is quite common and nothing unusual. So if you get motion sick in a car, bus, boat or a plane, then don’t freak out. Just read this blog to find out its causes and remedies.


Motion sickness is usually caused becuase of an imbalance between what you see and what you feel. It is generally a conflict between your senses. Say for example, if you are riding a car on a bumpy road, your eyes cannot see your body moving, so they send these signals to the brain, that your body is at rest. However, your inner ear can feel the vibrations of your motion, or rather, the motion of the car, and so they keep telling the brain that you are moving. This argument between the senses continues, making your brain totally confused. This is when you start feeling dizzy and want to throw up.


Of course there are several medicines available in shops which can help your motion sickness, but other than that, there are also some remedies which might help you out (they really help me quite a lot, so I thought I might share it with you all as well).

• As soon as you get into a car or any other vehicle where you usually get motion sick, close your eyes and go to sleep. This trick works extremely well for me. Sleeping will distract your mind from the conflict of the senses, and you will be able to take off your mind from it.

• Have some dry food items like chips to eat on your way. Your mind will concentrate on eating and it will be helpful. But remember that, having too much of food in the vehicle or before getting into the vehicle can result in vomitting.

• Keep yourself engaged in a conversation with your companions or listen to music. It’ll help to distract your attention.

• Avoid reading books as they can make you dizzy.

• Keep chewing some gum so that your mind can concentrate on that little piece of gum.

So next time you get motion sick, follow these tips and you will be fine once again. However, if your motion sickness is too intense, I would suggest you pay a visit to the doctor’s chamber.


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